freshly roasted coffee on the truck

Roasted Coffee In The Truck

I was introduced to coffee at a very young age. Sunday mornings the whole family would go over to Nana and Pop-Pop’s and drink coffee on the porch while Nana made meatballs and lasagna. My cousins and I were allowed to have some coffee out of Pop-Pop’s small espresso cups- loaded with cream and sugar of course. These are nostalgic memories that sparked my love of coffee and how it brings people together. Fast forward some years later when I moved out on my own and bought my first Mr. Coffee maker for the kitchen. Next I upgraded to a Keurig and as many options of K-cups I could get my hands on. I served coffee at the breakfast counter at a small hometown restaurant, and eventually I got a job working for Starbucks (a lovely affair which lasted half a decade).

nana's porch

Hanging Out On Nana and Pop-Pop’s Porch

However, through all of my experiences with coffee, it wasn’t until many years later that I learned some key information. Three years ago, I watched a Ted Talk that would inevitably change the course of my life. The Talk is by a man named Asher Yaron, who spoke about the benefits of fresh roasted coffee. This lecture inspired me so much, that I was determined to pass on this information to as many people as I could. I even got in touch with Asher I was so moved! I put international calling on my cell phone for a month and had several calls with him all the way from Bali! I could not believe that through all my years of loving coffee, that I had not known about the fresh roasting process.

So I started to do some research.

There are shops locally that offered fresh roasted coffee and on top of my studying, I could actually taste the difference. In addition to a better flavor and aroma, fresh roasted coffee offers valuable benefits by being packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are believed to “die” 7-10 days after roasting. These nutrients and antioxidants can help boost the immune system and fight against disease, not to mention the caffeine effects in fresh roasted coffee are far more noticeable.

Why do I roast coffee on the truck?

Like me, most people who already love coffee are unaware of the fresh roasting process. This is why I made it a point to have a roaster in my truck which customers can see, smell and taste for themselves. It is my mission to deliver the best coffee I can to you! I have streamlined the process to provide you with the freshest, best tasting, all inclusive coffee experience. Green coffee beans arrive fresh from their country of origin and the rest is done right on the truck! Fresh roasted, fresh ground, and fresh brewed all in my little 7″x11″ mobile coffee house. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge and demonstrate the process with you as well!

If you have ten minutes, I highly encourage you to watch this Ted Talk, and also do your own investigating! Coffee is forever!! Hope to see you soon 🙂


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